Emile Henry

Emile Henry Round Stewpot Grand Cru 5.3L/5.6qt

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The durable and versatile ceramic Emile Henry Dutch Oven / Round Stewpot can be used for a variety of cooking from making risotto to vegetable stews, soups, pot roasts or even baking breads. The Emile Henry Dutch Oven / Round Stewpot is lighter weight then cast iron, and being devoid of metals, it will never oxidize your food. The Emile Henry Round Stewpot can be used on a variety of stove tops, is safe for the oven, microwave, and freezer - it can also go onto the barbecue (BBQ). The Emile Henry Dutch Oven is also an attractive dish that can be used to serve at any tabletop.

Made in France of raw materials (including: Burgundy clay, sand, filtered water and mineral oxides for the colourful glazes) taken from the surrounding countryside of Marcigny, the Emile Henry Dutch Oven / Round Stewpot is made of Flame Ceramic. The Flame Ceramic is an excellent heat diffuser, that will gently cook your foods without burning and maintaining all the vitamins and nutritional benefits. It is recommended to start cooking on low and introduce the heat gradually. Very high temperatures are therefore unnecessary. The durable raw clay is also resistant to mechanical shocks, and temperature changes.

Dishwasher safe, the Emile Henry Dutch Oven / Round Stewpot, Charcoal (Fusain / Pepper Black) measures 12" in diameter.