Little Tarts

Little Tarts

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From the celebrated European patisserie Petit Gateaux, comes the recipe book with one basic tart recipe and sixty variations. Once the ‘base’ recipe is perfected, you can experiment and make any tart you want!

The book for bakers everywhere—from beginners to experts—who would like to learn how to fill and decorate an infinite variety of tarts to perfection.

Discovering the joy of homemade patisserie has never been easier. French patisserie Petit Gateau equips even the most rudimentary of bakers with the skills to create beautiful tarts of an endless variety of colour and flavour, all with just one core recipe.

Chapters include:
Dough – How do you make the perfect dough for little tarts?
Examples – Exploring the best fillings for your tarts and the ways you can create unlimited variations.
Almond Cream and Clafoutis Cream – How to create that perfect creamy layer…
Crumble – Crunchy toppings for the perfect textured tart.
Pastry Cream – A velvety texture with a rich vanilla flavour
Fruit – From apples and pears to pineapple and rhubarb, how do you make your fruit to the perfect texture and sweetness for patisserie?
Chocolate – Good chocolate is essential to a great tart and this book includes fifteen different types of ganache, as well as other chocolate-y fillings and toppings for you to get your chocolate fix.
Party Time – Easter, Hallowe'en and Christmas are not the same without a special tart to mark the occasion.

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