Stainless Steel Dough Whisk

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No more flour pockets or lumps of baking soda in your batter or dough! This Stainless Steel Dough Whisk is your solution!

  • Mix Ingredients: This dough whisk is designed to incorporate flour evenly with minimal contact to minimize gluten development. The looped design cuts through thick doughs without sticking, and the streamlined twists of a single piece of steel minimize contact with the dough.
  • More Than Dough: Use this whisk to whip up a batch of cookies, muffins, cupcakes, coffee cake, or any other baked good you desire. The uniquely shaped whisk cuts through batters and dough to distribute ingredients and add-ins evenly!
  • No More Hard Mixing: This dough whisk cuts through delicate batters and stiff doughs without a problem, making even the trickiest bake a little simpler.
  • Easy Clean Up: Doughs and batters don't get stuck inside this whisk like they often do with balloon varieties, making cleanup a breeze. This also means more batter ends up in the pan!
  • Dimensions: 2.000" L x 3.500" W x 1.125" D.
  • Care Instructions: Stainless steel. Dishwasher-safe.