Wilton Dust-N-Store Dusting Pouch

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  • Wilton Dust-N-Store Dusting Pouch is an easy-to-fill, easy-to-use, easy-to-store tool for dusting cornstarch or confectioners' sugar on work surfaces.
  • So easy to fill - twist off the purple lid. Fill pouch with cornstarch or confectioners' sugar. Twist lid on cup to close.
  • So easy to use - twist off larger white ring from cup. Tap pouch lightly on your work surface or tools to dispense cornstarch or sugar.
  • So easy to store, mess-free - replace pouch in cup and twist closed for easy storage.
  • Before first use, remove pouch from cup and wash, rinse and dry thoroughly before filling. Both the cup and pouch are dishwasher safe.